Andrew Viner.
April 1987
Lives. Rye, East Sussex, UK

Andrew Viner, was born in Epsom, Surrey, in April 1987.  At a young age, his family moved to Winchelsea Beach. He now lives and works in Rye, East Sussex


Andrew is a prolific, and predominantly self-taught painter, although he did study art whilst living and working in Brighton. He finds his inspiration in the Landscape, around his home town, as well as Cornwall, a place he visits regularly. As well as the landscape, the coastline and the sea inspires his work, with old tales and poems, further inspiring his images.


Andrew has found the British Romantic Artists, such as Constable and Turner a huge inspiration. And through his own essential practice of being in, exploring, and sketching the landscape, he endeavours to recreate what he sees and records in his sketches anew, amplifying the genius loci to a new level of feeling and intensity. And attempting to envelope the viewer in a new world, a world that he truly believes exists, but is rarely seen, or noticed. He is also inspired by poetry, and ancient myths and legends. Allowing these ideas and stories to seep into his paintings. He often uses the techniques of abstraction and expressionism in his working methods, however he does strive to remain a more figurative artist. Within his work he endeavours to strike more at the viewer’s emotions, as well as attempting to connect on an aesthetic level.


“I create works in a loose, spontaneous manner to begin with. Then build them up layer upon layer. I rely on the numerous sketches and drawings that I do on a daily basis. I start with a number of drawings on a particular theme or idea, always taken from a place or moment I’ve witnessed, before committing that idea to the surface. Something i do with as much energy as I can muster. I have always loved the visceral quality of paint. How it records the energy of movement so beautifully.”




Solo Show in Rye 2015

 Group Show RSA “Summer Exhibition”, Rye 2016

 Group Show “Headmost”, Workers Gallery, Wales 2017

 Group Show “On The Other Side” Rye Art Gallery, Rye 2017

 Group Show “New Road Artists Group Exhibition” Rye 2017

 Group Show “Chiaro Scuro~The Power of Light and Dark” Alex Macarthur Interiors, Rye 2017

 Selected Artist for “Christmas in Rye” Artwork 2017

 Solo Show “A Simple Image” Mccully and Crane Gallery, Rye 2018

 Group Show “New Road Artists Summer Exhibition”, Rye 2018

 Group Show RSA “Summer Exhibition”, Rye 2018

 Group Show “New Road Artists”, Rye 2018

Group Show “Spring Exhibition” JP Art Consultancy, London 2019

Solo Show “Unseen” Mccully and Crane Gallery, Rye 2019


He has private collections held throughout Europe, Asia, USA and Canada. And has an ever growing portfolio of exhibitions, and collectors.


He also accepts private commissions


Currently represented at McCulley and Crane Art gallery, Rye. 


Currently represented at Alex Macarthur Interiors, Rye.





Recent Works