“Unseen” Solo show at The Mccully and Crane Gallery. Private View.. 15th March 2019 Show opens 16th March….


Andrew Viner, “Unseen”



“Unseen”  Will be an exploration of a particular theme that is becoming critical in my practice. The union of exploration, and imagination, and creation of a simpler image to describe this union.

A combination of my wanderlust and enjoyment of drawing and capturing the landscape. I am endeavouring to further the ideas of the “British Romantic” Artists, buy trying to amplify the landscape into a new image. Nature for me, is the absolute foundation for my work, its unpredictable and never parallel. It’s dark and earthy, it’s all involving and can be overpowering. As well as nature, the idea of the of the“Romantic Sublime” fascinates me. The idea of an image that, on face value, is attractive, enticing, thought provoking. But can also contain menace, a melancholy, something primal, which isn’t always obvious. 

I’m constantly striving to create a simpler image, in which to show my reactions to the landscape, and the idea of the sublime. I am particularly interested in the harmony of classical image making, based on the traditional methods to create these images, however, this tradition mixed with something more expressive and also reliant on the act of creation, and on the physical properties of the actual painted surface and support. I like the viewer to see the painting as an object as well as an image.  


“Unseen” Will be a showcase of all these ideas. A selection of large and more intimate works. Based in landscape, and the reactions to it. But expressive and exploratory. Trying to share the idea of the “sublime” to the viewer, trying to make them see what is there but not always noticed.